BK CONSULTING is an organization founded in 1999, originally under the name URRUTIA, ORDÓÑEZ & CHACON, by a group of legal professionals who shared the vision of a group of lawyers committed to providing its customers high quality professional services. Today, thanks to the vision, BK CONSULTANTS is one of the most prestigious law firms in Guatemala.

The firm’s attorneys maintain a constant participation in various professional, civic, political and business activities, which enables them to advise clients through knowledge of the particular applications in Central America of recent developments and global trends, offering the best services under preparation, experience, knowledge of the environment and ethics, both in specific matters as general business representation.

BK CONSULTING offers a diversified and specialized business practice, optimizing costs through greater efficiency, achieved with the use of advanced technology and strict budgets and controls.

One of the principles of the organization is teamwork. For this reason, we have specialized working groups, with a flexible and efficient administration, function as interdependent with the other members of the firm. This makes BK CONSULTING one of the best Guatemalan market advisory groups, which is supported by its large portfolio of national and international clients, both public and private.

The firm is a member of important international associations of lawyers, which makes it easy to attend to the affairs of their clients with the comprehensive approach required by the current environment.

BK CONSULTING values the ideas and interests of our clients. Our goal is to maximize the opportunities and efficiently solve the difficulties they may encounter in the legal environment in Guatemala. So that the relationship with clients is proactive in nature within a framework of professionalism and mutual respect.