Business Advisory

The commercial department of the firm has the representation of domestic and foreign clients in all that relates to business law consulting domestic and overseas. Commercial advice has responded primarily to the demands of business formation and structuring in the form of corporations, civil society, partnerships, mergers and other forms. Just as the creation of various commercial contracts and handle all types of credit, which involves the timely and appropriate advice from the product the customer needs.

Intellectual Property

In matters relating to Copyrights, trademarks and patents, the Office has been known for its speed in the processing of the procurement and acquisition of the same, as well as defending the rights of our clients related to unfair competition, dumping and trademark protection.


Since its founding, the firm has been active in the processing of lawsuits throughout the Republic of Guatemala. This activity has included both the defense and prosecution to the interests and needs that customers have raised. The firm has developed one of the strongest departments in the field of litigation because of the wide variety of judicial processes in the branches has sustained criminal, civil, labor, tax and all sorts of challenges to public administration.


One of the specialties of the firm has been serving the foreign customer and advise on the diversity of measures which raise the immigration law of the Republic of Guatemala. As part of the immigration services we follow different procedures before the immigration authorities, such as visas, residence and the obtaining of the Guatemalan citizenship.

Oil Law

We have experience in the oil sector, in regard to contracts for oil exploration, operations and exploitation. Knowledge of the areas of oil drilling, mining and marketing of crude oil. Total advice to the authorities of Mining and Hydrocarbons of the Republic.

Notary Public

The firm includes a Notary department. We have the most honorable notaries who are duly registered with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Guatemala and the major Diplomatic Corps accredited in the country, with public trust, to certify and authorize acts and contracts of all kinds.
Sworn Translation

The firm offers professional services in a certified translation of any documents to be deposited from English to Spanish or vice versa.

International Trade and Customs Law

On the advice of customs issues and related legislation, the firm has the ability to provide its customers with the consulting necessary for the improvement and legalization of their commercial activities, as well as other aspects of international trade regulation.

Counseling in Social Investment Projects

The firm advises international organizations or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in planning, design, implementation and evaluation of projects involving a social objective in Guatemalan territory, besides having the ability to provide a right consulting in the formation of NGOs, Foundations and everything pertaining to legislation concerned. Also, for the particular social fabric of Guatemala has on culture, the Firm is able to advise on local/Mayan law.

Environmental Law

We provide a comprehensive advice on all matters relating to the regulation of situations related to the environment, both internal aspects such as in administrative proceedings before the client makes the state agencies responsible for regulating the subject. On the other hand the customer who needs advice on a timely criminal investigation or sue for problems involving the environment, located in the Office’s response to the questions that this broad and interesting subject contains.